Why choose our BIPV?

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

It brings a paradigm shift in the photovoltaic industry. By using the vertical surfaces of buildings (windows, facades, balconies, etc.) the electricity bills are significantly reduced or even cancelled. For constructions with a relatively large footprint on the ground (industrial halls / greenhouses / animal barns / attics / etc.) it combines the natural roof lighting with the production of solar electricity.

BIPV Become Sources of Passive Income 

After the investment is paid off, BIPV become a source of income by reducing or even canceling the cost of the electricity bill.

Adaptable Aesthetics for any Project

The BIPV appearance can be customized (color, size, transparency, thickness, etc.), thus facilitating its integration into a wide range of structures.

Easy Installation

The BIPV can be installed just like any other type of glass, it can be incorporated into a double-glazed unit, curtain wall system, roofing systems or used as such in various projects.

Increases the Value of Buildings

Provides the ability to generate free electricity from the sun, while increasing the thermal and acoustic insulation properties of the windows. Consequently, the semi-transparent photovoltaic glass improves the energy efficiency and comfort, lowers the operating costs and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings.

Eliminates the Need for Photovoltaic Parks

By using the facades or roofs of buildings, cities can become major producers of solar energy, thus eliminating the need to use classic photovoltaic parks and return them to the agricultural circuit.

Do you need a custom solution?

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In what type of structures can our BIPV be used?

Whether is a residential, commercial or industrial project, the BIPV are an energy efficient solution that combines financial benefits with a design that fits any requirements.


Photovoltaic Windows Ferestre

Curtain Walls

Photovoltaic Windows Perete Cortina

Industrial warehouses

Photovoltaic Windows Hale Industriale


Photovoltaic Windows Balcon

Office buildings

Photovoltaic Windows Cladiri Birouri

Green houses / Animal barns

Photovoltaic Windows Sere

Highway acoustic isolation

Roofs / Attics

Photovoltaic Windows Acoperis

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Photovoltaic Windows Fatada Geam

Build Smart, Efficient and Green with Our BIPV

  • High yield for any type of project
  • Energy performance.
  • Net yield superior to other BIPV on the market.

  • Higher energy efficiency even on days with less sun.
  • Less influence of the angle of inclination and ambient temperature for the yield of the energy efficiency.
  • Technology you can rely on.
  • Easy to adapt to any kind of environment.
  • Stable energy performance without significant power decreases over time.
  • Green, clean and safe energy

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